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Brain Freeze - Icecream

Here’s a chilling ice-cream idea for Halloween!

Strawberry Ice Cream Brains


1. Start out by melting your favorite ice-cream. Do this by placing some in a refrigerator-safe bowl (with a lid); practice safe food handling, and slowly thaw in the fridge until liquidy.

2. Scoop melted ice cream into molds, and re-freeze. ** Re-freezing ice will cause some ice crystals to form from condensation and will change the texture of the ice-cream.  If you are ultra ambitions and want to create your own ice-cream, that would be ideal!  I stuck some cherries from the cherry pie filling into the center of the molds for the “hemorrhage” effect.

3. Pop-out the brains once they are frozen!

4. Serve with the cherry pie filling

** Brain “hemorrhage” cherry!

…and a little more cherry pie filling for dramatic effect.

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