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Holiday Chocolate Smash Cake

The first snowfall is always the permission I need to kick-start my count down to Christmas. This year, we had the first flurries over the weekend, so off we go: starting with this Snowflake Smash Cake.

Smash-cakes some in many shapes and forms, and in most cases "cake" isn't involved. I like to think of them as a take on the Kinder Surprise Egg - a delicious chocolate shell, with funny goodies inside.

Chocolate Smash Cakes

Ingredients + Tools:

- chocolate candy wafers (I use Wilton Candy Melts) - these don't need tempering, and they are easy to work with.

- chocolate/candy mold*

- angled spatula - parchment paper or Silpat lined cookie sheet

- treats to stuff inside

* Chocolate molds can get quite expensive, but you can also find food-grade silicone molds in unique spots... there are some great ice trays or candy molds out there. This one was $4 from Dollarama


1.Over a double boiler, melt your chocolate and stir until shiny. Remove from the heat, and carefully (making sure no water/steam from your bowl drips into the chocolate), pour into your chocolate mold.

2. Using a spatula, carefully spread the chocolate around the mold until it is even.

3.Carefully tilt the mold and start moving the chocolate around until it covers all of the sides evenly. Pour out any excess chocolate back into your double-boiler set up.

4. Tip-over your chocolate mold and allow for any excess to drip onto your Silpat or cookie sheet. Turn back around and allow chocolate to set. I repeated the process above 2 times to create a thick layer around all sides so it has structural integrity. Allow to set fully, and carefully remove the hollow chocolate shell from the mold.

5. While the chocolate shell was setting, I carefully poured the chocolate base (which will seal the chocolate shell) on a parchment-lined cookie sheet. I traced the base of the mold, so I had a good outline, and made sure that it could perfectly fit the shell.

6. Fill your chocolate shell with your favorite goodies.. and "seal" it by piping a layer of melted chocolate around your chocolate shell (acting as the glue), and carefully placing the set base. Flip over, and ta-da!

7. Use a hammer to break through the chocolate.

Happy Smashing! 🎅🏼 ❄️

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